We are pleased to announce, the new entity within Poseidon group of companies is established!

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Triton Electric & Automation Pte Ltd.



In Greek mythology, Poseidon is God of the Sea. Following the same trend, our new business got its name after the son of Poseidon, the Triton.

We are diversifying our services and expertise, and we are proud to present a new addition, the new entity to our group of companies, Triton Electric & Automation Pte Ltd.

Due to increasing demand for support to electrical and automation systems from our partners, we have increased our capabilities in Singapore.

Our in-house “electric & automation department” has been strengthened by new employees and structured as an independent entity. Our services are now available to companies outside of our group.

We will support any ship owner, ship manager or yard with jobs on electrical and automation systems spanning from consultancy to turn-key projects.

Contact us today:+65 8223 8541